• Respect and trust are given, not earned. If it’s honest, every time you’re giving it freely, you’re paying a small price to see what people are made of. Whoever is left standing are probably the ones worth riding with, till the ends of time.
  • We are eternal.
  • If i could send one message to the whole world, that would be: i love you! With all my heart!

Losing things

Are things ever lost? Writing and storing data in people is a means for humans of this moment to access it and pass it to the next generations.
Thus, time is a keeper of records. That’s the purpose of time. Traveling through time, allows us to read pages of the book, which means, nothing is ever lost.
Traveling through time would mean things are still being fun. So much content to enjoy.
Anything is possible, anything you put your mind to, the possibilities are endless and limitless.

We are eternal. i am

If we imprint all the things we know and love into the people around us, then we’ll never lose anything. We’ll allow each other to forget and teach each other to remember.

It’s all things i used to believe at a certain point in time, but to be honest, i have no idea. i can’t pass the above as certainty. It definitely sounds like something cool for us to do, but it’s not something i know to be true.