The Raspberry Softie

I had no idea i was saving the single pack of Raspberry Softies for her, as i unpacked all the supplies. The guy wanted to take it and put it in the box, but i told him that’s for me, so we left it in the car as we carried everything inside.

I then saw her asking for something from the lady at the reception and the lady came back with a slice of bread and a pate can from the things i had brought and gave it to her. She took it and went to her backpack and was placing them inside. I keep wondering right now, why she didn’t receive any of the biscuits or the wavers or the coffee from what i brought earlier, but it’s not up to me to decide who gets what, i just provide. I do hope that everyone does their job and the goods get to the people i intend to receive them.

Then i realized that i saved the box of Raspberry Softies for her. I went to my car and got it, went back inside.

As i leaned in to give her the box, she froze.

Her eyes glued to it, and it broke my heart. It took her a few seconds to move. Her hand was trembling as she reached for the box and when she finally looked at me, i could see her eyes questioning confused why am i doing this. I could almost feel that she hasn’t been treated like a human being in god knows how long. I gave her 10$ and that confused her even more. She looked at the money and the box again and i took the opportunity to leave.