Money, opportunities and recipients

Thoughts in progress, but i believe that if we want to create positive change in the world, if one wanted to give money to someone else, then, as recipients, should be picked people that already have their fill of things and are genuinely looking to create positive change / become opportunity makers around them. They are the people that can get things done but could use more resources. If they managed to transcend greed and are being honest, they deserve to receive the means so their work can continue. They can be trusted.

After watching for so long, i have come to the conclusion that giving wealth to people that never had wealth, has 80-90% chances to disrupt their life in negative ways. They have to be eased in and slowly helped to rise. This is by no means a final conclusion, because there’s a high chance that the wealth that they “waste” is just being redistributed, so nothing is ever really lost. I just believe that a priority, people that are or want to be opportunity makers should be enabled.

Also in order for that change to be lasting, they have to be brought up in a way that they feel they did it all by themselves. That gives them stability and control over the resources that get placed at their disposal and they can wield the power that’s entrusted to them.

I am excited to see what we can do together!