Rules of Power

You can only wield as much power as there’s at your disposal at that point in time.

If you maintain a healthy flow of power out , power will flow in at a steady rate, providing increased control.

If you’re afraid of losing power – it wasn’t yours to hold to begin with

Try to be polite, but not leave things at random

If you received it and you’re trying to grip or extend you’re doing it wrong. start over

Power is just means for you to give more efficiently all around you


Before here, there was there

  • MAKE ME STRONG, not to be superior to my brothers and sisters, but to fight my greatest enemy – Myself
  • The man who is at the peak of his success and the man who just failed is in the exact same position:
    Each must decide what he will do next.
  • Imbalance, imperfection, and unevenness are the things that allow the opposites to exist. i create imbalance, imperfection and unevenness, in order to allow the opposites to flourish. i am the architect. this is my design.


Hello World!

How are you?