Love the hate, embrace the hardship

You are what you are today, a result of your past experiences. Everything that has happened to you, molded you into the being you are right now.

If you experienced bullying, hate, hardship, hunger and you managed to thrive and overcome, you have gone through the process and came out something very special on the other side, much stronger, better equipped to take on new challenges and with new abilities to be able to conquer even more.

Do not wonder “why?” whenever you’re in the middle of it. Always think of the “what?” as in “What are the lessons I can learn from this experience?”

“But what about the people dying, children starving, wars fighting, robbers robbing, rapists raping?”

I can’t tell you what lessons they are learning, however, what i can tell you is that if what i told you above resonates with you, and you chose to become a more powerful person, then as a result, fewer people would be in the positions you questioned about, earlier.

it’s all about the process, it’s all about you, believe in yourself and there will be two.