Another spot in our untrustworthy persons, members that decide their name isn’t worth more than 50$ and decide to take the money and ignore all communication attempts is taken by:

First Name Jacqueline
Last Name Mart
Company Name
Email Address [email protected] EMAIL VERIFIED
Address 1 25868 Karr Rd
Address 2
City Ranier
State/Region Oregon
Postcode 97048
Country US – United States
Phone Number +1.5034108857

We tried to establish communication for over a month, but it just wasn’t possible. We also kindly asked that if she can’t participate in the project, to just refund the money that was sent to her and we would part ways amicably. Instead, she chose to gain a bad reputation by taking the money and ignoring us completely for over a month.

Whoever decides to google Jacqueline Mart’s name, e-mail or phone number, be warned that this is not a person you can trust and if you’re looking to hire them, they will cheat on your trust just like they did on ours.

If you’re looking for proof, take a look at the tickets below: