Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:

I don't live in the U.S. Can i join?

Unfortunately, right now we’re only available in the U.S. but we have plans to expand so please check back again!

Do i have to pay anything?

No, the whole process takes only some minutes of your time. We will send you a link to the product that needs to be ordered, we will send you the cash via PayPal and you just have to order it and post a positive review afterward. Once that is completed, if you’re willing, we send you more cash, you order more products, post more reviews and get to keep the products.


Why only 10 people?

This is a brand new setup and we’re trying to keep it small the first batch. Ideally, we would like to grow to around 100-150 partners, but 10 is a good start for us to be able to do a quality job.

Why is the order process so complicated

We are just trying to partner with people that are not technologically challenged. If we have to start explaining where and what to click it’s really going to slow us down and we’re trying to grow and build a business over here. Even if most of you guys won’t make it, the ones that will, we will be sure that they have the basic knowledge so that we have a nice collaboration.


How many products will i receive?

In the beginning, we will probably test 1 2 cheap products, just to see if we have the right partners. If the process works fine, we are hoping to send 200-300 $ worth of products for each partner every month.


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Do you have any concerns or you feel like clarifying something?

Shoot us an e-mail at: [email protected]

We will reply within 24 hours tops!